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THE REBIRTH OF FIRE: Collector's Edition

THE REBIRTH OF FIRE: Collector's Edition


Once again Lester Howard brings to you a stunning poetic journey filled with the very same passion that fueled his pen to begin with. In this critically acclaimed collector's edition, any lover of poetry, short stories, inspiration and unparalleled truth will find this a keep sake. With poems and short stories from his original book, this edition is filled with all new material that is sure to satisfy. 

Lester is not the first man to be released from incarceration. He is surely not the first man to struggle in his quest for freedom beyond physical bars. He is not even the first man to pursue his dreams as a writer. One thing is and forever will be true concerning him. He is the only Lester B. Howard there is; a Designer's Original. From gangs to God, from prison to the pulpit, from guns to glory, from death to life, follow the path to your own rebirth...I dare you.

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