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Founded in January 2010 by Lester B. Howard, Zion Promotions is also committed to promoting new talent from all genre's of the art form of lyrical and musical expression. 

After having served the poetry community faithfully for 2 years, Lester began pursuing a vision for an organization that would provide opportunities for artists who were seeking to find, enhance, or promote their gifts. With so many artist in need of someone to promote, book, and manage them, Lester realized that the call was indeed great. He saw an opportunity to provide guidance and wisdom to various artists and as the vision became more clear, ZION was born. 

The mission of ZION Promotions is to ensure that healthy promotional opportunities exist for artists, and that the cultural arts remain a constant in our society. ZION Promotions host a monthly open mic event; Lyrical Elevation, that seeks to provide a platform for young local artists, as well as an opportunity for seasoned artists to share their craft from across the country.

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